Game project 1 - Autumn 2019

Project details

Platform:                  Genre:


Development time:


Local multiplayer

Unreal Engine

2 weeks

Washed-up is a physics based local multiplayer party game where you take control of an employee trying to save as many plates as possible before the time runs out, but the competition is high and there can only be one employee-of-the-month so sabotage might be the only solution.


Game design

  • Game core

  • Character

  • Physics

Sound design

  • Audio scripting

  • Audio mixing

Design pillars

  • Friendly couch rivalry 

  • Fun/Wacky


  • Easy to learn


Game core

My goals

Wacky, Easily read, Competitive

To build towards our design pillars the core gameplay had to be tightly knit around these which lead to these goals.


exaggerated physics

lots happening

breakable objects

Easily read

Everyone on screen

Easy to read character direction


Visible score

Clear goal

Destroy for other players

Game loop

Turn in plates to gain score


Sabotage your co-workers

Save plates 


Player goal

The goal of the game is to get as many plates saved during the time limit as well as making sure other players don't get more than you.

Risk/reward dilemma

This leads to a dilemma where the player will either want to play it safe and turn in their plates or continue to collect plates with the risk of being sabotaged by someone else. This leads to a more competitive game further enhancing the goal with the game core.




Turn in plates


Gather more plates

Character design


Simple controls


Few interactions


Acceleration based movement

Balance plates

My goals

Intuitive, Fun

To further enhance the design pillars, intuitive easy controls were important while making them have a slight acceleration to ensure the player didn't have full control of the character, producing funny results.


To ensure that the player can easily understand how the movement works, the movement is based relative to the world and camera direction instead of the characters direction.



To make the movement more fun there was acceleration to the movement to make sure that the player would not have full control of the character at all times leading to the irony of the players ruining the restaurant while trying to save plates.

Slow start

Fast top speed

Acceleration GIF.gif


Like the movement, the rotation is related to the world position rather than relative to the character ensuring that the player will always know which way they will look at based on their rotation.


Along with this the rotation axis is based in between the character and the tray at which they hold the plates for a more understandable rotation since the player will mostly relate towards the tray rather than the player-character.

Rotating GIF.gif


To further enhance the intuitive experience a designated "Attack" sabotage button was removed to instead always be a spherical hitbox in front of the character, allowing them to simply control the movement and run into players in order to sabotage them.

Sabotage hitbox


Physics design

My goals

Unpredictable, exaggerated 

While the physics was one of our constraints in Game project 1 it had to do hold the plates in place while also being over-the-top to create fun situations.


Stacking plates in weird ways


Plates crashing everywhere

Physics design process

The initial thought when designing the system was to have the plates stack, creating big piles of plates, this would make the game more readable and visual.


While this was the ideal solution to the game, due to time restrictions I had to settle on the simpler system where the plates would rely on a magnetism between themselves and the tray the player carries them in.

Ideal result

Plates stacking creating piles the player needs to balance

Final result

Plates, with help from magnetism pulls them towards each other creating stacks along the tray.

Sound design

My goals

Distinction,  Satisfying

With lots happening on screen I wanted the sounds to have distinction and be gratifying 

Easy to identify

Sounds with distinction


Easy to listen to sounds

Sound design

The sounds I chose were taken from free sound sources and manipulated to fit the game. My main focus regarding these were to make them pleasant to listen to as well as be gratifying to the player. 

I wanted sounds with distinction to get the player grounded in what is happening in the already chaotic gameplay which is why there were lots of feedback sounds based on what the player did. 

The implementation was to play sounds based collisions through scripts.


Plate breaking

Plate turn-in

Plate pick-up